Former Steelers OC Todd Haley somehow still isn’t verified on Twitter

Former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley asks the question every Twitter user wants answered: “Can I just get verified????”

In a league full of coaching trees, legacy draft picks, Hall of Fame favorites and retired numbers, dedicated longevity is supposed to count for something in the NFL.

But in Todd Haley’s Twitter case, it appears that his five years as the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator count for nothing when it comes to Twitter verification.

Can I just get verified ????

— Todd Haley (@thetoddhaley) April 9, 2020

Despite a lengthy NFL career that spanned 23 years, Haley remains unverified on the social media platform. While this might seem unimportant to some, studies have been conducted on whether a verified check improves a user’s credibility or authenticity.

Aside from the scientific research, it is widely accepted that a verified check improves a user’s status on the microblogging site, which could contribute to their follower count and overall interactions.

Former Steelers OC Todd Haley still isn’t verified on Twitter

Haley worked decades to assume the offensive coordinator position for three teams: the Super Bowl-contending 2008 Arizona Cardinals, the 2012-2017 Pittsburgh Steelers, and the 2018 Cleveland Browns.

After a depressing 7-8 record, Haley was fired from the Browns and hasn’t coached in the NFL since. He has also coached for the New York Jets, the Chicago Bears, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Kansas City Chiefs. Since 2020, he has been the offensive coordinator for Riverview High School in Sarasota, Florida.

Long past his NFL coaching days, Haley still seems to enjoy watching the Steelers as a fan. He recently praised the Steelers linebacker for holding in for his record-breaking contract.

Is @_TJWatt for real! Holds “in” all camp , then comes out and destroys all competition

— Todd Haley (@thetoddhaley) September 15, 2021

Watt was a major factor in an upset win over the Buffalo Bills in Week 1.

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