Baker Mayfield sends clear and strong message to Browns fans ahead of Steelers game

Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns. Mandatory Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

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Baker Mayfield is going to start for the Cleveland Browns against the rival Steelers despite his shoulder injury and he has a message for fans. 

If nothing else, you can’t question the toughness of Baker Mayfield. After missing last week with a shoulder injury he’s been dealing with all season, he’s preparing to return for Week 8 against the rival Pittsburgh Steelers and make the start at quarterback.

Entering the game at 4-3 on the season, it’s a crucial contest for Mayfield and the Browns. Win, and they’re in a great spot to make another run into the playoffs. Lose, and that path could become an uphill battle for Cleveland.

Subsequently, the less-than-100-percent quarterback knows that he and his team are going to need some help from the crowd at FirstEnergy Stadium on Sunday. That’s why Mayfield delivered a pointed message to the fans ahead of the rivalry matchup.

Absolutely need our stadium rocking tomorrow. Loudest I’ve ever heard it needs to be tomorrow. We give everything we have, y’all need to do it too. In this together Cleveland. Ps. Quiet when we’re on offense… Other than that, go crazy.

— Baker Mayfield (@bakermayfield) October 30, 2021

Baker Mayfield wants Browns fans to be rocking in Cleveland on Sunday

A raucous group of Browns fans shouldn’t be a hard thing to come by in Week 8 as there is no love lost between these two teams.

Even just looking at recent history, we’re talking about the Myles Garrett helmet-swinging, the playoff beatdown in the Browns’ favor last year, and just the general animosity that exists between the AFC North foes consistently.

No matter how loud the fans are, though, Baker Mayfield will have to step up in more ways than just playing hurt. The quarterback has been inconsistent and easily rattled by pressure this season. Against the Steelers defense, that could be a problem unless he pulls himself up by his bootstraps.

Thus, Browns fans should heed his message and aim to get the energy up at home so that the quarterback can feed off it.

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