Farmer Wants a Wife might find enthusiastic audience from NFL Twitter


Farmer Wants a Wife will premiere on FOX after football season, but the commercials might gain them an audience with the members of NFL Twitter.

If you’ve been enjoying the NFL Playoffs, specifically the games on FOX, you’ve likely seen the adverts for the upcoming reality dating show Farmer Wants a Wife. And in a normal world, there probably aren’t many crossover fans who would be wanting to tune into the wild concept that was tried by The CW in 2008 and has also found great international success in dozens of countries with their own versions.

However, FOX might be marketing their way into a nicely sized audience, at least for the premiere, the way NFL fans can’t get the wild notion for a dating show out of their heads.

Just check out the reactions from NFL fans on Twitter.

And then if you throw in the fans who might hate watch it, that’s an even larger audience that will surely be talking about it when it happens.

So, if you’re in this group that can’t escape your curiosity to watch this show, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know.

Farmer Wants a Wife release date: When will the show premiere on FOX?

The show is set to premiere on Wednesday, March 8 on FOX. The… Source

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