Jerry Jones explains how TY Hilton affects Cowboys’ OBJ pursuit

Jerry Jones was candid in speaking about how the team acquiring TY Hilton impacts their Odell Beckham Jr pursuit.

The Dallas Cowboys and Odell Beckham Jr seemed destined to end up together. Then, the floor fell out.

Dallas leaked Beckham’s medical info which indicated he was not as close to ready to play as was previously indicated. Later, Beckham said he didn’t care to play in the regular season, which some viewed as a hedge for the “reason” he wouldn’t be ready for another five weeks.

Then, the Cowboys signed TY Hilton, another veteran wide receiver who more or less fills the need Beckham was going to fill. While Hilton obviously doesn’t bring about the star power that Beckham does, he’s talented and gives Dak Prescott another option to throw to.

Fans who were excited for Beckham are certainly still curious about whether or not there’s any chance the team could still sign him, and owner/general manager Jerry Jones spoke on that topic.

Jerry Jones speaks on TY Hilton and how Cowboys signing him impacts Odell Beckham Jr

Here’s what Jerry Jones had to say:

So, the door isn’t closed, but the signing sure doesn’t feel like a guarantee as it once did. Remember when Beckham appeared courtside with a bunch of Cowboys could-be teammates?

The fact that Beckham isn’t healthy enough to play is one blockade, but the other barrier is that the Cowboys may have fractured their relationship with him altogether, considering they leaked his medicals. Even once he’s healthy enough to go, that may not be something Beckham is willing to forgive if the Cowboys still want him.

But, if it plays out the right way, it could keep Beckham… Source

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